Jr. Foods

Everyone has their places.

Places where they had a part in wearing the paint off the counter.

If a dive bar had a convenience store this would be it, Jr. Foods on the corner of 13th Ave. and Center St. in Bowling Green.

Cherished by those who frequented it and quickly walked by with an eye over the shoulder for those who didn't.

The chain's owner, Houchens Industries, will be closing the store over the summer and has already taken out the gas pumps in front.

Greeted with a gruff hello and a weary smile by manager Susie Meredith when I walked in, we talked for a bit, exchanged a few bad jokes and she agreed to let me hang out and photograph.

A constant stream of patrons dotting every point on life's timeline passed through the stores double doors.

Each was greeted with a "ding" from the doorbell and a quick remark alluding to an inside joke with Susie.

Roaring laughter, a pack of cigarettes, and another doorbell later they had gone and the cycle began anew.

A manager at the store for ten years, Susie said they will move her and her staff to another store and softly added an, "I hope," before lighting up a cigarette in the doorway.

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