Geeks of today but the Millionaires of Tomorrow.

This was a Lego Competition that was held at Western last this weekend. The kids, ages maybe 8 or 9 to 16, all had to make robots out of legos that had to achieve certain tasks on a course. The winners were determined by who could complete the most tasks.

This kid was cool.

They were in teams and each team got the same pieces to make their robot out of but they were all different which was cool.

We were there for like 6 hours so I did all I could to keep trying to to shoot different stuff and find new angles.

These kids and their coaches were super intense and really into this. It was cool to see how much each team invested in their robots. Made me want to play with legos.

Best part was a team of three junior high girls won. They beat this team of like sophmore guys who were totally expecting to win.