Kelly's Bday

Kelly's birthday was last week so we went out this past weekend to celebrate. Starting at Buffalo Wild Wings, of coarse, we then migrated over to the bowling ally and finished the night at the king of late night drunken dinners- Waffle House, which Kelly managed to stay awake through.

Archie at the bowling ally after he had a bad round. The next day we were talking about the events of the previous evening and Kelly somehow forgot that Archie had been there. Oops. She did remember her friends Bud and Weiser though.

The last few frames we played Ben, his arm is on the right side of the frame, went up to the lane next to her and Dempsey walked behind her as she threw the ball so she wouldn't topple over as she let go of the ball. She was really happy when she knocked some down though!

Oh what a night to remember... sorta.

"yes osifer I been drankin. LOOK! He's taken your pisher! SMILE!" Kelly said to the bowling ally security guy.
Luke watching the ladyfriend bowl.