MLK Vigil

Still trying to play catch up a bit...
Candle lights and flashbulbs lit up the night for a vigil that was held to honor the progress of blacks through history. I swear there were probably just as many photographers there as actual participants which made it kinda awkward. Someone would go to light up a candle and, POP POP POP, flashes would start going off like Michael Jordan was jumping through the air. Ah, oh well so it goes at a PJ school I guess, just kinda felt bad for the people because they are trying to get into the feeling of this vigil but keep getting asked their name, age and where they're from.

Anyway, it started up on top of the hill and then they walked down to the arena. A guy at the beginning was reciting Dr. King's "I have a Dream" speech to start the night that was ended with Obama's inauguration speech.

The people were still really cool and didn't seem to mind so much all the cameras in their faces. Thank god. I think there were about four other shooters clustered around this group alone.

Random little bit I found was funny.

Throughout the walk, people would recreate scenes in history like segregating the sidewalk and a couple people put on robes and caps to be KKK members. Anyone who didn't know what was going on kinda looked at the crowd a little sideways to see all this going on at like 8:30 at night on campus.