Loveless on the day of love

Assignment: Singles on Valentines day.
Location: Froggies Bar

This poor guy just sat at the bar looking at everyone else with a terribly sad look in his eye. I asked him what brought him here and he was just like, "didn't wanna be at home." He was a freshman and some older frat guys came over and said something to him. I'm thinkin he is the DD tonight.

This dude was trying to pick up everything with boobs that night. Most saw right through him, if they could still see straight.

This wasn't just a peck on the lips, we are talkin full make out session. Ya they were wasted.

Music man in the window. Nothing really to do with the story.

Single ladies on Vday. And I quote, "dih you jus tahe r pisher?" This right after I asked them for thier name and stuff and told them I did.

The men prepping for a night of debauchery. Heres to ya.

And we end with the greatest single of them all... Mr. Scott Powers ladies and gentlemen.