Rodeo pt. 1

Sorry the posts have been so sporadic this week, I shot the rodeo this weekend and have been playing catchup for awhile.

Here is the first round of photos from it, there will be more to come.

It was pretty cool to shoot and I decided try and light it the last night. It almost worked...

There was zero light hitting this practice area but for some reason I tried to pull something out of it.

I shot this on Friday night and found out that he was actually the son of the secretary of the rodeo company, little did I know that would work out to my advantage later on that weekend. He has been riding in rodeo's since he was six he said.

Let me just say: These guys are nuts. Totally insane. This bull was ahuffin and apuffin and did not want to be there let alone with some dude on his back. After about a five minute struggle to get on this bad boy, Mr. Cowboy was ready to go when all of a sudden the bull jumps up on its hind legs and nearly jumped over the pen onto me and two other shooters. They get him back down and proceed to poke him with a jolt stick just to piss him off again. CRAZY.

"Thank god I'm alive, Thank god I'm alive, Thank god I'm alive."