A familiar look

Every year yearbook and the newspaper does "24 hours." It is a look at Western every hour of the day, and what makes the people who ARE Western tick.

This happened to fall at the end of our Greek Week, so there where lots of parties, including this one out at the fairgrounds. Now I don't have much room to talk here because the only reason I set foot on a dance floor is usually to take pictures of someone in a White dress, but notice they only say, "beer helps people dance." Not "... dance better." There were some really good dancers out there that night, don't get me wrong, but others... well... others needed less beer.
This was an hour earlier in the kitchen of Wah Bah's steakhouse by campus that a lot of students work at.

The local race track, Beech bend, had some races that night so I went to check them out. Much to my dismay I couldn't track down any students there but I did find this sweet little nugget of a concession stand.

I shot Todd and Sarah for a story about dating for yearbook. They both came to Western for the Debate team and were making dinner for each other in the dorms. Is that just a look, the "O really? You know I am right." face, one that all girls are born being able to give because I am pretty sure I have gotten it once or twice from a certain someone.