Theater of life

Last week was greek week on campus. Basically a week for the 30 or so percent of Western's population to have a school sponsored reason to do what they normally do. These are from events day which is like field day was in elementary school: Egg toss, Wheel barrel race, drunken after parties, ya know, just like the old days.

Right before it all started I went by the Sigma Phi Epsilon house to see how they were training for their big day. A game of bags was their method of choice.
I never thought Wheel barrel races could be dangerous, but after watching these I was amazed that nobody broke a bone. They would try to go to fast and the guy standing would basically run over the guy he was holding up.

How they got sideways we will never know...

They actually finished last, but its the spirit that counts right?

These are from my first assignment for the school newspaper. It was about "recession proof" businesses. So I went over to the movie theaters in town.

Once I finally got inside, there was better light than I expected. Nice surprise.