Travel Travel Travel

The conferance has its first round tables today, but in an effort to keep this somewhat chronological we shall start from the beginning. At breakfast this morning a comment was made about how long yesterday felt. After a moment we realized that yesterday had started around 8:30 Friday Morning and didn't end for close to 30 hours later... sans sleep.
Here are some photos from the trip which basically doubled the time I have had in my air travel career.

Our fearless leader, Mr. Kerry J. Northrup during a 4 hour layover in Chicago.
The 777 we were on for about 16 hours had an external camera which showed the takeoff and landings. Very cool.

Walking off the plane in Frankfort. I don't remember if this is a sunrise or sunset....

Boarding a plane.... I believe in Delhi?

1/500th of a second view the 20 or so hours we spent in a plane.

Also, check out the Multi-blog that will be being updated by our crew covering the conferance HERE.