A walk around the world

When finally got to the hotel we were advised to try not to sleep to help avoid jet lag. You can imagine the response from a bunch of 20 somethings who have been traveling from the other side of the globe for the past day. I knew if I sat down on anything but a board with nails I would pass out so I turned to the one activity I knew would keep me awake... exploration.

I was not alone on this excursion. A few others took to the streets to stay busy... and why not, when your in such a new and cool place.
This was actually an under construction addition to our hotel that just happened to have some amazing light. Later on we did portraits of the whole crew for the multi-blog. I will post those later or just check'em out on the blog itself HERE. This one is of Colleen Stewart who is working on a side project while we are here with Sara Shipley Hiles. I would highly suggest checking out their work about farmer suicides in india HERE.

Cows are everywhere.

More rooftop action.

The next three are from our morning gander around the area. We got a lot of goofy looks, but for the most part the people were really nice.

And on a fun note... High fivin' the light.