Flea Land

Our trips seem to be planned around food. Before we even got into Bowling Green, I am pretty sure we had every meal planned out strategically so we would hit all our favorites. Our problem then becomes filling the gaps between chow time.
Sunday brought lots of rain which killed any plans of walking campus. After some head scratching, we settled on Flea Land- an indoor flea market billed as "Kentucky's Largest."
Now, having grandparents in Florida (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!) I have logged my fair share of miles in what may be the flea market capitol of the nation. If this is Kentucky's largest....... well that would just be sad.
It did make for some fun photos though!

One of our many must have food stops this trip was Chaney's Dairy Barn. After devouring a amazing double scoop Cookie Dough bowl topped with Reese's pieces I spotted two big slides in the back. I had to go......

And we will end on a self portrait in a mirror surrounded by what my editor would call, "schmutz."