Waffle House Wedding

Sorry about the lack of posting these past few days, Jordan and I took a trip down to Western Kentucky to visit some friends before everyone scatters for the summer and beyond. It was great to see everyone again and watch a fantastic end of the year video. You guys did amazing.

On our way down to Bowling Green, we stopped off at one of the greatest places on earth, Waffle House. This particular Waffle House seemed rather busy for the time of night and location, but undeterred we walked in and grabbed two seats at the counter. I looked around to try and understand the busyness when my eyes landed upon two professional camera's at the other end of the counter.
Camera owners, I have found, are a lot like dog owners. When you run into another one you must go in and check out whats tagging along. We started talking and turns out they were photographing a wedding..... wait for it....... at the Waffle House.

"Excuse me?" I thought, "I thought I just heard you say there was a wedding party in this very Waffle House."

After clearing it with the photographers, Jason Allender and his wife, I introduced myself to the Bride and Groom- Brad and Priscilla Smith - who were super cool and joked that the photographers just kept multiplying.
I did my best to stay out of their way, but I couldn't resist. It was a wedding................ at Waffle House!