Mock Prom Crash

With Prom weekend upon us, the Oswego Fire and Police department staged a mock accident in the parking lot of Oswego High School. The scene was set with a car and a van in a T-bone style accident. The car's driver and passenger were supposed to be intoxicated as they were either coming from or going to Prom. The van was the innocent bystander.

It was taken very seriously and acted out in real time by the police and firefighters..... the kids, well not so much. Smiles and jokes were coming from the crowd the whole time.
The actors were kids from the theater department and it seem to impact them the most. After watching one of her friends get zipped into a body bag and put into the Coroners van, one actress said she had to turn away because it was "just to real."

Will it actually have an effect? I don't know. I really hope it does, because I like getting the names of people from themselves rather than an incident report.